School Management School Management Systems make it easier to run your School.

Admission Management

Admission Management

The admission management system can help educational institutions manage the entire student admission process efficiently - from proper assessment to enrollment, admission form, confirmation conversion, a direct link to student management, following configurable admission details with an online admission website and registration.

Attendance Management

Attendance Management

The Attendance Management System is a unique method for tracking student attendance information and employee time which can help everyone and thematic attendance can be obtained daily regular attendance, quick attendance, daily / monthly / annual attendance report, attendance increase, percentage attendance, information, Absentees will be notified of the message.

Student Management

Student Management

A Student Management system exists to facilitate the tracking of all student information. Our Student Management includes complete profiles including photographs, family and parent details, document upload facility, data import and bulk upload facility, auto roll number generation, built-in ID card, well-planned report and custom search report.

Payroll Management

Payroll Management

The Payroll system plays an important role in the proper functioning of a school where defining individual salaries for multiple departments, ranging from annual and monthly salary reports to configurable fee heads. Automatic calculation of dependent fee head, employee pay slip, online payment option and All payroll documents are sent by message.



Academics is a school that manages software to solve all the needs and problems of the organization. This school management system provides one that updates daily class work, assigns homework, organizes lesson plans, provides syllabus schedules, and updates finished lessons.



A school certificate often verifies your knowledge of specific skills in a demanding field in the workplace. You will find these benefits including Student Leaving Certificate, Bonified Certificate, First Trial Certificate, Transfer Certificate, Transcript, Character Certificate, Custom Design Template, Mark Sheet Design, Dynamic Certificate Designing and Certificate Printing Record.

Multiply login

Multiply login

Multiply login is a method by which all the information can be found in a school management software that is a parent can find out all the information of his child only with the information of the student, in the same way now the student can find out all the information. On the other hand, the teachers will update them and submit all the information data so that the data reaches everyone.

Communication Management

Communication Management

School Communication Management software facilitates Communication between teachers, parents and students. Nowadays the content of Communication Management in schools is interesting but it is difficult to analyze in terms of various announcements, bulk SMS, events, notifications, discipline and practices including School Management or Communication information.


Apitsoft is the Best School Management Software in Bangladesh. School Management Software in Bangladesh is a digital tool that schools, colleges, and educational institutions use to carry out their activities. The School Management system will help a lot to reduce the workload on the staff. At present, everyone is moving forward keeping pace with technology. As difficult as it is to work manually, it is also time-consuming and less accurate. A school college, school management software that will make school college administrative tasks easy and smart. It is a web-based software that can be easily accessed from anywhere.  It is suitable for use in English medium, Bengali medium and English version in schools, colleges, madrasas and polytechnics. So Apitsoft is with you to make your school, college or madrasa management activities easier and more modern.

What is School Management Software?

School Management Software is a special type of software that helps schools or similar organizations to perform various tasks such as publishing results, awarding grades, accepting online admission applications etc. School Management Software is a new technology in the field of education where it creates a new platform for running schools. With this software, the work of schools and similar institutions can be done very quickly. A school college management software that will make school college administrative tasks easy and smart. Using this software will save time as well as increase productivity. School Management Software is a special type of software that helps schools or similar organizations to perform various tasks such as publishing results, awarding grades, accepting online admission applications, etc. The software can be used to record digital attendance, accept school admission applications, store students in various information databases, publish mark sheets and results, publish students' grades and accept school free.

Why do you need a School Management website?

A School Management System helps to communicate efficiently with the help of technology. Everyone stays connected through the website and can quickly send any information that needs to be sent using chat / SMS. This avoids a significant number of telephone calls and saves time. A well-designed School Management System will reduce staff workload, help save time for both students and teachers, reduce costs, and improve data security. All of this will ultimately increase the cost-effectiveness and productivity of your organization. If you are planning to start your own school management system, this is the right time. We are here to provide all kinds of websites. Our developers create websites with exceptional techniques to suit your every need to meet your desired features.

Also features of the School Management Software:

1. Admin Login, Teacher Login, Guardian Login system.

2. Online Fee Payment.

3. Download Information To PDF System.

4. Formulation and Management Of Class Routines And

5. Examination Schedules.

6. Daily Attendance List.

7. SMS Gate Way.

8. Home Work Management.

9. Certificates, Number Sheet Making And printing.

10. Student ID Card Made.

11. Notice Created.

12. Student Management System.

13. Teacher Management System.

14. Administration Management System.

15. User Management System.

16. Exam Management System.

17. Attendance Management System.

18. Academic

19. Communication Management System.

20. Payroll Management System.

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